Cookware Reviews - Products that are Heating Up in the Marketplace

Cookware, to quote a much overused phrase - is hot. I don't mean Paris Hilton, either. She would probably never read this, since I seriously doubt that she cares about cooking or cookware or reviews about them. For those of you who do care about these topics, this blog is a place to read about cookware brands, features of the newest kitchenware and the materials used to make them. And really, cookware IS HOT!

Please note that this blog has been growing and has a part 2: Cookware Reviews II.

This is Not your Father's Cookware

Gourmet cooking was popularized on TV in the 1960s by personalities such as Graham Kerr on his show the Galloping Gourmet and Julia Child's The French Chef. Their influence is seen today in the myriad of cooking shows and celebrity chefs. Gourmet cooking is definitely in style. These celebrity chefs and cooks have made the every day task of preparing meals a glamorous undertaking. From Paula Dean or Emeril Lagasse to Rachael Ray, we've seen that cooking and food preparation can also take on the personality of the chef. What these high-profile cooks and chefs know is that using the best cookware makes for better cooking results. There is a science to cooking and the way that food is heated. Copper or multi-ply stainless steel cookware allows for even and controlled warming and heating of food. You won't find them using inexpensive cookware. And now celebrity chefs even have their own cookware brands.

The choice of cookware and bakeware products we have today are quite different than the Revere Ware that our parents or grandparents valued and used.  There are kitchen tools for just about every type of dish you could imagine. And the food processors and other kitchen gadgets have gotten very high-tech. Next they'll probably have cell phones built into them - ok, probaly not. The wide array of products to choose from gives one "food for thought" and makes it difficult to decide how to spend a cookware budget. It's worth careful consideration, since some of the cookware is fairly high-priced. Reading up on what brands or kinds of pots, pans and other kitchen appliances are available is more important than ever. Next blog topic: Stainless Steel Cookware.